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IO91OF - Farnham Surrey

GB3HV - introduction


GB3HV is a multi input TV repeater built around an Intuitive Circuits logic controller and 8 way DTMF controlled video and audio switch.


Receive inputs on 70cms DATV, 23cms ATV and DATV are automatically selected and manual selection of video quad, Skype PC input, mast camera and GB3BH link is also possible.


A Skype input providing full screen video is available for preauthorised viewers and control of the user functions is available by DTMF on either 432.750 or the Skype input. A video quad viewer enables a 4 way QSO to take place and 144.750 MHz is monitored and relayed on the output.


GB3HV output is on 3408 MHz DVB-S 2 Msymbols and the output is also streamed on BATC.TV. The output video is transmitted along with main audio on the right channel and 144.750 audio received at site is on the left audio channel.



GB3HV - operation


GB3HV will enter repeat mode when a valid signal is received on any of the RF inputs.


If 2 input signals are received simultaneously, input 1 (70cms DATV) will take priority followed by input 2 (23cms input). Input 3 is currently not in use but would be relayed on the output only if the other 2 inputs are not present. When a signal is received on an input, the logic will send the input number in CW.


Only one rx system is available on 23cms and so simultaneous ATV and DATV operation on that band is not possible. The appropriate audio and video will be selected upon receipt of a valid signal, with DATV taking priority.


The Skype input is not selected automatically and can only be viewed by manual selection. See below for further details on how to use the Skype input.


When the signal disappears from any input, the logic will send a “K” in cw, show a test card and wait for 12 seconds during which another input can be received. If no signal is received, then GB3HV will send a beacon call sign and return to beacon mode.


A user guide is available to view here



GB3HV - coverage


GB3HV is located very close to the GB3Fx cluster of beacons and repeaters at 185 mts AGL.


The aerials are located at the top of an 85ft tower - see the site page for pictures of the views from the top.


The map shows the 3408 MHz transmit coverage which is good, particularly towards the East .


We have set up an editable Google map so you can enter your own reception reports - find it at







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