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IO91OF - Farnham Surrey

A record of all our technical activities awith GB3HV - check here for the latest GB3HV status.


A collection of photos and videos dating back to the early days of the Home Couties ATV Group right up to the present day activities at Farnham.


Other repeaters


GB3HV is just one of a number of TV repeaters in the south of England. In order to transmit they all require licenses (or NoVs) issued by Ofcom and admistered by the RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee. Full details of all UK amateur repeaters can be found on their website.


It can be a lengthy process to obtain an NoV for a repeater as the amateur service is not the primary user on any of the bands we use. Therefore permission must be granted by the primary user before the license is issued. (The recent 4G auctions indicate we could buy dedicated spectrum for amateur use at approximately £56m per MHz!


In order to be "on air" before a license to transmit is granted, we are streaming our output on where most the UK TV repeaters can be found along with repeaters and members streams from around the world.


A few of the repeaters local to GB3HV are as follows:



GB3BH - 10 GHz Watford


GB3BH is located in Watford - see group website for more details




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