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IO91OF - Farnham Surrey

Upper Hale Radio Station


GB3HV is located in the village of Upper Hale at an old government communications site which was also part of the Farnborough Research facilities. Link to GB3HV's exact location on Google maps.



We, and our landlord, would like to know about the history of the site, and if you can help with information we would be interested in hearing from you.


Upper Hale is a real "bump" of high ground making it a very good all round radio site. If you need proof of that, there are 6 other radio masts, including GB3FN, within 1 mile making it a challenging radio environment! The viewing platform at the top of the 90ft tower has good all round views including Wembley Arch, the Gerkin, Shard and Canary Wharf. The Hogs Back (A31) is clearly visible with good paths to GB3BA and GB3BH.


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The site


The site is currently the home of Tech Recycle who are IT recycling specialists.


As well as disposing of unwanted equipment in a environmentally friendly way they also re-cycle desktop PCs and Laptops.


If you are looking for a keenly priced PC it's well worth giving Alex or Gary a call - and don't forget to mention Noel and the TV club when you do!


Visit the Tech Recycle website for more details.

The site has a unique 85 feet tall wooden mast with an 8ft by 8ft platform at the top making antennae rigging very easy!




We are the sole user on the mast but there are 12 Racal VHf and UHF aerials still in place.

These were used for testing ground to air communications and were still connected to the feeders.

We have left them there as part fof the uniqueness of the tower.




The tower had 12 runs of UR67 and 12 runs of LDF450 in place - all in good condition and with all the top connectors still in place!


We stripped off the UR67 for our landlord to sell for scrap but have re-used the LDF450 runs!





The view



- towards Reading


30 degrees North

North East


- towards north London and GB3BH




- along Hoggs back




- across Farnham town





South West

- towards Golden Pot and Winchester

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